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Is It Possible To Achieve A Successful Outcome In Mediation?

Now that mediation is being used more and more frequently, as discussed recently in this article, what should a party’s goals be in the mediation and how can they achieve them?

Mediation: A Growing Presence in the Courtroom and Business

With increasing frequency, mediation is not a choice that can be made by a party in a lawsuit or transaction; the courts are requiring parties to go to mediation, whether they want to do so or not. Additionally, many courts … Continue reading

Divergent Perspectives Converge in Mediation

  {3:40 minutes to read} The parties have been at it for a while, without coming to an agreement. When is the mediation “over”? In any mediation, the parties and the mediator may view the give and take differently. From the … Continue reading

Mediation: An Attractive Alternative in the Commercial & Non-Commercial Division

{3:50 minutes to read} In one of my previous articles from June 2015,  I described a pilot mediation program launched that month by the Commercial Division of New York County Supreme Court to supplement its existing mediation program. That pilot … Continue reading

What Should I Look for in a Mediator?

{3:45 minutes to read} When going forward in mediation, quite often the parties have the opportunity, at least in the first instance, of choosing the mediator. This raises some questions: What type of mediator are they looking for? What skills should the … Continue reading

Why Not Mediate?

{5:20 minutes to read} In my last article I discussed using mediation in business and personal disputes, and I discussed how to get there and some of the benefits. Below I continue the discussion, delving into some of the rewards … Continue reading

Why Mediate?

{5:20 minutes to read} Mediation is growing in popularity and use. Many parties in disputes are now including “step” mediation provisions in agreements, and many courts have created mandatory automatic mediation programs. Still, some attorneys and parties question whether mediation … Continue reading

In-House Counsel Too Costly? Have You Considered Using Virtual Counsel?

{3:20 minutes to read} How can small and mid-sized businesses secure high-caliber legal advice? Large companies often have a general counsel on staff who is paid a salary and receives benefits to provide legal advice to the company. The general … Continue reading

Co-op & Condo Mediation is a Smart, Speedy, and Cost-Effective Way to Resolve Disputes

{4:30 minutes to read} For those living vertically in the city, there are many benefits – snow removal, maintenance, having someone to accept packages, and the proximity to great restaurants, theater, museums and music. There can also be many little … Continue reading

Commercial Division in New York County Supreme Court Launches Mandatory Mediation Pilot Project

{Read in 4:30 minutes} Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process in which adversarial parties engage in a negotiation with the goal of trying to arrive at a settlement acceptable to both sides. Mediation, at its most simplified, is a … Continue reading