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The “New Normal.” Are We There Yet?

The “New Normal.” Are We There Yet? Not yet. We are, however, presently living in the “New Abnormal.” What does that mean for people who look to the courts to resolve disputes? The answer to that question is constantly evolving. … Continue reading

The Importance of Simplicity (Part 2)

In my previous article, I began discussing the importance of simplicity, in the service of clarity, in the presentation of facts and arguments. I asked the questions: –Why do we so often load up our papers and testimony with unnecessary … Continue reading

Solving Financial Mysteries with Forensic Accounting

{3:40 to read} To most effectively represent the client, a smart attorney will often times call upon a forensic accountant to assist him in analyzing and preparing a case. By working in tandem with an expert, the attorney can provide … Continue reading