General Counsel

In addition to the legal services we provide to clients on discrete matters, we also serve in the capacity of virtual “General Counsel” on an outsourced basis for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

This structure is suitable for clients who anticipate frequent need for legal counsel but would prefer not to bring a full-time legal professional on staff.  In this role, we do exactly what an in house general counsel would do:  we are the attorneys to whom the client turns for advice when transactions, disputes or other legal issues arise; we represent the client and handle the many transactions and disputes that are within our areas of expertise;  and we help the client select counsel to represent it for those matters outside of our areas of expertise and, where necessary, work with and oversee outside counsel.  By outsourcing your “In-House Counsel” function to us, you and your team can focus on growth priorities, while we proactively manage the comprehensive legal affairs of your business.