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Does an Agreement Have to be in Writing to be Enforceable?

{5:45 minutes to read} Must your agreement be in writing to be enforceable? The answer is: Yes. Or no. In the world we live in, we make agreements with other people, with companies, and with other businesses. Sometimes they’re formal and … Continue reading

Non-Compete Clauses: A Thorny Issue for Job Candidates and Companies—and Attorneys

{5:30 minutes to read} There are risks involved in non-compete agreements, which are often part of an employment contract, and employees and employers should be aware of them. There are many legitimate reasons why an employer may want to include … Continue reading

Look before you leap!

{3:15 minutes to read} Very often, individuals and companies are presented with documents that they are required to sign in order to obtain a service, purchase goods or engage in a transaction. Unfortunately, these contracts can be lengthy, written in … Continue reading

Who Benefits From Mandatory Arbitration Clauses? Part 2

{4:05  minutes to read} Click here to read part 1. It is one thing when sophisticated parties, of relatively equal bargaining positions, opt to  include an arbitration clause in an agreement.  It is quite another thing when parties, even those … Continue reading

Who Benefits From Mandatory Arbitration Clauses?

{3:15 minutes to read} Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can take the place of traditional litigation. Arbitration is very different than traditional litigation in court, and the process has various advantages and disadvantages. A party can only … Continue reading

Start Your New Business on the Right Foot: A Handshake Isn’t Sufficient!

{5:45 minutes to read} Have you ever heard about the friends who went into business If they had given more thought to their future business relationship and had the proper agreement drafted, could things have worked out differently?