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Don’t Let Your Social Media Posts Become a Liability

Just as text messaging and email have allowed us to communicate with each other in real time, social media has allowed us to interact with people we don’t really know; or know at all.

Mr. Eagle Featured in Thomson Reuters

I was recently featured in the April 2018 edition of Westlaw published by Thomson Reuters. The article was entitled, “Win the battle, win the war: Cost-effective dispute resolution for small and midsize companies”. The feature article explores in great detail … Continue reading

Where You Would Least Expect to See Your Emails & Texts: In Court!

As most of us have become very adept at using email, text, and social media, our lives have sped up. It has become possible for us to instantly connect with one another, feasible to complete transactions with a swipe or … Continue reading

Why Attend Mediation?

“Should I attend a mediation? What is my role?” The answer to the first question is simple. Parties in most instances must attend a mediation. Court rules and mediation providers often require it, and it is certainly a best practice. … Continue reading

It’s Not Over Until…the First Juror’s Sworn? (Part 2)

{3:00 to read} In my previous article, I discussed whether a mediation, which did not result in a settlement after the initial sessions, has ended. In this continuation, I will explore what can happen after the parties have arrived at … Continue reading

It’s Not Over Until…the First Juror’s Sworn? (Part 1)

{3:00 to read} We know when a mediation begins. The better, and often more challenging questions are: when has it ended and was it successful? If at the end of one or more agreed-upon sessions the parties settle all of … Continue reading

Can I Recover my Attorney’s Fees if I Win? Part 2

{3:30 to read} In my previous article, I discussed the law concerning the awarding of attorney’s fees to prevailing parties in litigation, some of the practical effects of allowing or not allowing an award of attorney’s fees, and the application of … Continue reading

Can I Recover My Attorney’s Fees if I Win? Part 1

{4:00 minutes to read} When served with a lawsuit that one thinks has no merit, or when forced to start one to protect one’s rights or recover property that is due them, one of the first questions that is asked … Continue reading

Parties in Dispute: Their Wants vs. Interests and Needs

{4:15 minutes to read} In a mediation, after learning the basic facts and issues in dispute, the mediator will work to identify each party’s interests and needs; this is different than a party’s “wants.” If a party has not already … Continue reading

Is the Discharged Employee Entitled to Severance?

{4:15 minutes to read}  In my last article, we discussed termination of an employee and the implications affecting both parties—employer and employee. This article continues the employee-termination discussion in regards to severance. Employees are only entitled to severance if provided … Continue reading