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Commercial Law, Litigation & Mediation

Our Firm

The Law Offices of Bart J. Eagle, PLLC represents clients in commercial litigation matters and structuring and negotiating commercial transactions.

Our clients are a diverse mix of small and mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals. They value the strategic, tenacious and practical approach we use to help them achieve the outcome that best fits their circumstances, needs and interests and our ability to advocate forcefully on their behalf. 

Many clients turn to us as their outsourced general counsel, which allows us to provide comprehensive and proactive management of their legal issues.


Clients, courts and parties are increasingly turning to mediation as a fast and cost-effective way to resolve disputes. The firm helps parties efficiently achieve negotiated resolutions of commercial, labor & employment, and other disputes — some of which are in litigation and others where the parties seek to avoid having to go to court. The firm’s founder, Bart Eagle, is an empaneled mediator in federal and state courts in New York, the American Arbitration Association and the NYC Bar Association’s Co-op and Condo Mediation Project.  

The firm now offers virtual mediations, conducted over Zoom and other video and teleconferencing platforms.

Appointments & Engagements


In June, 2020, Bart Eagle was appointed co-chair of the New York State Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section Mediation Committee. The committee promotes the use of mediation and presents programs on topics of interest to mediators and advocates. The committee and the NYSBA has interacted regularly with the courts in the design and implementation of Presumptive Alternative Dispute Resolution in New York State courts. Mr. Eagle also serves on the NYSBA’s Dispute Resolution Section’s Executive Committee and ADR in the Courts Committee.

In June, 2019, Bart Eagle was appointed chair of the New York City Bar Association’s State Courts of Superior Jurisdiction Committee. The committee addresses issues relating to the New York State Supreme Court, the Appellate Division, the Court of Claims and the Court of Appeals, and participates in the Judiciary Committee’s evaluation of candidates for these courts. Mr. Eagle also serves on the NYCBA’s Council on Judicial Administration and Efficiency Working Group.


On June 15, 2020, Bart Eagle moderated a New York State Bar Association webinar entitled, “Mediation and Other ADR Alternatives in New York County Supreme Court – Where We Are today and Where We Are Going.” The panelists included the Administrative Judge of New York County Supreme Court, Civil Branch, and other court administrators, discussed the design and implementation of ADR alternatives in New York County at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has created a backlog in the courts, resulting in a heightened need for the courts to provide litigants with the opportunity to resolve cases expeditiously, and the concomitant ability of the courts, mediators and others to conduct ADR virtually.

In January 2020, at the New York State Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section’s Annual Meeting, Bart Eagle moderated a panel entitled, “Presumptive ADR in New York State Courts — Where We Stand” — in which judges and court administrators discussed the implementation of Presumptive Alternative Dispute Resolution, which includes mediation, arbitration and neutral evaluation, in New York State courts.

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